Winter into Spring

The past few days have been wonderful: waking up to the sounds of little birds chirping away, a different quality of light greeting us to the day, a noticeable difference in energy in the air. There seems to be more people out and about and flowers are beginning to stretch and wake up from their winter sleep. Waking up early this morning and going down to the local Społem to get rolls for breakfast, I had a complete sense of satisfaction to walk outside to a gorgeous sky, the first really sunny day in quite some time.

I had grown up mostly on the East Coast in the States and while the changing of seasons is familiar, I think having lived in San Francisco the four years before coming to Warsaw last Summer has made the changing of seasons here be a very fresh experience. Though perhaps it’s not only refreshing but nostalgic too, as imagery of past experiences of seasons changing are slowly making their way back to me…

It’s amazing how the experience of every season change has such a unique character. By now I certainly have experienced Winter turning to Spring a number of times, but the changes never cease to amaze me…

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