Pink 0.1.0, Score 0.2.0

Hi All,

I’d like to announce the release of Pink 0.1.0 and Score 0.2.0:

[kunstmusik/pink “0.1.0”]
[kunstmusik/score “0.2.0”]

Pink is an audio engine library, and Score is a library for higher-level music representations (e.g. notes, phrases, parts, scores).

For more information, please see the projects’ docs at:

and examples of using both at:

To note, this is the first stable version of Pink.  I got into a bit of “let me add just one more feature…” but decided it was time enough to issue a release. Score’s changes since 0.1.0 are primarily a better organization of files, as well as organizing music into measured and/or timed scores.  See [1] for an example of measured score use.

Next steps planned for Pink are some more unit generators (i.e. comb filter, convolution) and effects (i.e. reverbs). Next steps planned for Score are currently just adding Xenakis-style sieves.  I’ve also been using plotting code enabled as a separate Leiningen profile in Pink, which I am planning to move to an additional library (tentatively called pink-viz).  The plans for pink-viz are to collect useful functions for helping to write unit generators (i.e. oscilloscope, bode plot, FFT spectrogram).


[1] –