sfSound – Small Packages

Yesterday’s sfSound series concert–Small Packages–was one of the most enjoyable concerts I’ve seen done by sfSound.  The 19 3-minute long pieces showed a wide variety of styles and approaches to sound and was well programmed.  While I did not find myself getting into every piece, I did find that the pieces I did find myself enjoying that I enjoyed them very much, and overall didn’t find myself having a really negative reaction to any of the pieces really.  Overall I was very glad to have attended the concert and coming home last night I felt fresh and wanting to work on music. ^_^

It’s been interesting to see sfSound over the past 5 years since living in the Bay Area.  I feel like the past two concerts I’ve seen of theirs since I got back to California were the best I had seen them do and get the feeling that something has clicked for them now.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they’ll do for their future concerts.

Thoughts Before the Weekend

Time passes strangely these days: in some ways it stands still and in other ways it moves quite quickly now.  Although I listen to the last draft of my current piece daily, it’s been some months now since I really worked on the piece, with only a handful of sessions of real work happening in that time.  My job has been extremely busy and has taken quite a lot of the my mental energy, the evenings often left too tired to continue to work any more on music or much of anything else but to watch a show or two before retiring for the night. Every company has busy and light periods and this is probably the busiest in the history of the company; I also had to learn quite a bit and was made responsible for a fair amount quickly which was a stressful.  As much as I tell myself it is only temporary and that it is just the stress of joining a new company, I still find it hard to think that so much time has passed since last really working with sound and music.  It does seem to have started to settle down, at least in my mind, as I have gotten much more acquainted with all of the work and the business, but there is still much I can do to keep focused.

Since starting this new job, because I am working from home and starting early at 8AM every day, I have found that I generally end my work day earlier than I ever did before.  The days can feel quite long this way when one starts early and does not need to commute to and from work, something which I do rather like. This experience has been very interesting and in some ways is very natural to me when compared to my existence in Warsaw the year before this summer, though of course working a full-time job is a completely different experience than living and working on one’s own interests. On the whole though I can say I am enjoying telecommuting for a job very much at this time.

Before I came back from Warsaw I thought about how life would get when I returned; I have been thinking about how life is going now and seeing things which are good about my situation and seeing things I’d like to change to better support my more personal interests.  I have been imagining what the ideal life for me would be, seeing images of myself reading, observing life, composing, writing, and just living quiet, timeless days.  Something to actively think about and aspire towards…

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