The following are music software I work on that I use as part of my composing and performing work:


Csound is a sound and music computing system. Created by Barry Vercoe in 1986, it is based on MUSIC-N system design and has been updated through the years to become a cross-platform technology for composing, performing, and music software development.


Blue is a music composition environment for Csound written in Java. It is the primary tool which I use to compose my own music.


csound-live-code is a live coding system made up of a Csound user-code library and online web interface. The system may be used offline with Desktop Csound or used in the online interface. (The online interface includes everything required to run Csound within the browser, no installation necessary.)

Pink and Score

Pink and Score are Clojure music libraries. Pink is an sound and music computing system, much like Csound, that I use for prototyping audio engine designs and for creative work. Score is a music composition library useful for generating and processing musical (non-audio) data. I use Score both directly with Pink as well as within Blue to generate scores for Csound.

If you’ve found these programs to be of value to you, please consider making a donation.