Pink 0.3.0

Hi All,

I’d like to announce the release of Pink 0.3.0:
[kunstmusik/pink “0.3.0”]

Pink is an audio engine library for making music systems and compositions.

The ChangeLog is available at:

This release introduces Pink processes. It reuses the state machine
macro system from core.async to allow writing event generation code
using loops and waits.  The state machine execution is wrapped in a
Pink control function and run synchronously with the engine.  Waits
may wait upon a given time value in seconds, a Pink Signal (i.e. cues
or latches), or upon a predicate function.  The use of signals and
predicates provides a means for interprocess communication, enabling
things like Lutoslawski-style aleatory (i.e., ad libitum writing)
where performers and conductors signal one other.  Further information
is available in the documentation for processes [1] and example code
is shown in [2]. (For those unfamiliar with Lutoslawski’s writing, the
performance instructions given at the bottom of pages 1 and 2 of his
3rd Symphony [3] may shed some light.)

This release also provides a translation of Scott Van Duyne’s piano
model from Common Lisp Music, biquad-based filters, and a number of
other audio, control, and utility functions.

Many thanks to Timothy Baldridge and other core.async contributors for
making the core.async ioc_macros easily extensible and reusable, and
again to Tim for the wonderfully clear videos on YouTube explaining
the design of the macros.


[1] –
[2] –
[3] –