Pink 0.4.0, Score 0.4.0

Hi All,

I’d like to announce the release of Pink 0.4.0 and Score 0.4.0:

[kunstmusik/pink “0.4.0”]
[kunstmusik/score “0.4.0”]

Pink is an audio engine library, and Score is a library for higher-level music representations (e.g. notes, phrases, parts, scores).

Change logs are available at:

Short version is that Pink has a number of new filters and effects, updates to minimize object allocations (e.g., Distruptor-style message ring buffers), and utility code for building streaming disk-based caches for pre-rendered (“frozen”) parts. Score has new functions geared towards live coding (e.g., euclidean and hexadecimal beats), a new mini-language for notating musical lines, and number of other updates.

Codox-generated documentation/site is now published at:

For any questions, please feel free to email me or post on the pink-users list. For issues and PR’s, please use the facilities on Github for each of the projects.


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