I am one of the core developers of Csound and I develop software for working and composing with the program, primarily my software Blue. Most of my software is cross-platform (runs on Linux, MacOSX, Windows) and is written in Java or Python.

Besides my work with Blue, I have posted Csound-related work at:


Older Csound-related software and texts are available at:



  1. Hi Steven – so happy to find your csound-android project! I’m having some difficulty getting it set up with eclipse though. I downloaded the 5.17.6 zip file which if I understand correctly is pre-built and just needs to be imported to eclipse as an existing project? Is there a current setup doc somewhere you might point me to?

  2. OK – I got it set up after all. I installed the NDK and configured cygwin (finally). The target=android-9 in build.sh was the final thing tripping me up. I removed that line and set the target manually and everything is working great. Thanks for the wonderful library!

    1. Hi Chad,

      Glad you got it all working! The release zip we do does have everything pre-compiled. You should only need to import the CsoundAndroid project, then use it as a Library Project for any new Android project. If you import CsoundAndroidExamples as well, you can see that project’s properties as a reference. Otherwise, if you want to compile compile the libcsoundandroid.so, as you found out, you will need to update build.sh.


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