Web Audio Conference 2019

I was very happy to attend and present at this year’s WebAudio Conference. The NTNU did an incredible job hosting and organizing the event and there was a great variety of research presented. I was noting to myself throughout the conference how it seems to get better each year for both the software and technology shown and the musical performances performed. I think it’s a sign of the level of maturity of the browser platform as a whole that it can support high-level musical work today.

For those who might be interested, all of the sessions were recorded and streamed online. Archives are available here.

For my own work, I presented on the Csound-WebIDE here:

(Note: I misspoke about Chowning’s work and said “parallel carrier, single modulator” when I should have said “parallel modulator, single carrier”.)

I also participated in the jam session by live coding with Csound here:

Great to see old friends and meet new ones. I hope to make it to next year’s conference in Barcelona!