This past Saturday, Lisa and I met up with our friend Nick to watch Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, which I think we were all pretty blown away. Visually the movie is just gorgeous, and the story was really fascinating. I think I appreciated very much how the story wasn’t so obvious, how it all really interweaved together between the many characters, and how there was room to explore the characters and the story with the imagination. I also really liked how there was such an attention to details, and how subtle many of them were, really enhancing aspects of the characters and story in a very elegantly done way. We all also liked the music and use of (and sometimes the non use of) sound.

All in all, a very beautiful and touching film. I’m looking forward to whenever next I’ll be able to see this film, as well as exploring Wong Kar Wai’s other films.



  1. Hey there, check out “In The Mood For Love” by Wong- one of my favorite film of all times! I see you listen to classical music. I’ll suggest this piece to you “Iris devoilee ( Iris unveiledn) (2001) concerted suite for grand orchestra, three female voices and three traditional Chinese instruments.
    ” by Chen Qigang, one of the master chinese-born composers of our time. Here the attention to details is carried through extreme creative orchestration, which is beyond a normal scope of orchestration craft. Hope you’ll find them interesting. Best: Jie

  2. Hi Jie,

    Thanks for the information regarding Chen Qigang’s music. I was unaware of his work and will look for it next time I am shopping for CD’s.



  3. yeah i know i’m on a roll here with the comments…
    its funny i didn’t care so much for 2046 but i think that i really need to see it with english subtitles, the french ones just didn’t seem to get through…
    i think that the story was a bit lacking and not as coherent as in the mood for love…but i agree that this movie along with his others are very lush and beautiful, with a great attention to style, mood, music…

    my favorite of his movies is “happy together”, an absolutely beautiful story about tragic love between 2 people (men). wong kar wai doesn’t dwell on the fact that its about 2 men but simply on the fact that its a story about 2 people that love each other…if you have a chance try to get a copy of this movie!

  4. we saw “in the mood for love” a few weeks ago and enjoyed it a lot; i was surprised at how much the stories are related. i don’t know which i liked better really, there are aspects of both that i really liked. i think i’ll have to watch 2046 again as it’s not fresh in my memory.

    i remember you and donna chatting about “happy together” way back; will definitely check it out sometime soon!


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