Resuming Life

Today was the last day of two weeks of doing my civic duty serving on a jury. I found that serving on a jury was very interesting and seeing the legal process unfold gave me an appreciation how law works here in America. I also think the jury I served with did a fantastic job of being impartial and fair in weighing and considering all of the evidence.

Besides jury, I had been doing work for work in my hours after finishing with court each day, worked on editing the Csound Journal, and also spent time with family from out of town this past weekend. All in all it’s been quite an exhausting and busy two weeks. Somehow my personal life felt very much on pause until today, and although the experiences of the past two weeks have been very informative and experiences to remember, I’m glad now to be resuming life, catching up with the things that have fallen by the wayside, and once again focusing my thoughts back to music and living life.

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