Dalai Lama and the Flow State

Last week, I finished reading The Art of Happiness at Work, a book by the Dalai Lama and psychologist Howard C. Cutler. I found a great deal many ideas in the book valuable in keeping things in perspective. Many of the ideas weren’t new to me, but reading them again and getting the ideas fresh were well worthwhile.

One of the sections that most grabbed my attention was the section discussing the pyschological state of flow, or being in a flow state. The description involved being in a state so focused that the person is unaware of the passage of time, that they were completely absorbed in what they were doing. Further reading through the chapter, I found it remarkably describing many of the very things which I am looking for in music (whether it be my own or other’s). A topic which I will certainly investigate further.

Altogether, a fantastic read. A friend of mine from work loaned me The Art of Happiness, the first book of this series. After reading the introduction, I am looking forward to spending time with this book as well.

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