Werckmeister III

The other day while working on my current piece I decided try out some different tunings as things didn’t quite sound right with the ji_12.scl Scala file I was using. At first, I tried just listening to the piece with regular 12TET to find that it felt really colorless (strange, how I’ve read that before about 12TET, but not until I spent time working otherwise and coming back did I really hear that in the sound). Then switching over to a few other non-12 scale degrees per octave tunings of Wendy Carlos’s, the piece sounded very foreign, but the piece was worked in with 12 tones per octave in mind, so that was more for curiosity than interest.

However, I had for some time had a note to myself to try out Werckmeister III, and so I set the tuning for my blue project to use that scale, and truly, the sound of the tones and harmonies really settled in together and were very rich and brilliant. Lovely! In some ways I find that I still don’t know the quirks of this tuning and it’s still not quite yet in my ear, but I’ve found it very satisfying thus far. I’m looking very forward to further work on the piece and getting to know this sound.


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