Completed: 2010.03.04
Duration: 5:20
Ensemble: Electronic (blue, Csound)

MP3: Click Here
OGG: Click Here
Project Files – Click here (.blue, .csd)

This piece was premiered on March 8, 2010, at the Bohlen-Pierce Symposium in Boston, MA.

Program Notes

I often find myself lost in reminiscences of the past, observing not only the the memories themselves but also the experience of remembering those times. I am fascinated by how the happenings of today become the memories of tomorrow, how the passage of time transforms these memories, and how our relationships to these life events change as time passes.  This piece is but a small meditation on the journeys within the times of our lives.

This piece was composed using the equal-tempered version of the Bohlen-Pierce Scale.

For more information about the Bohlen-Pierce Symposium and scale:


  1. Beautiful! Your compositional use of BP is superb and the sounds are chilling in their perfection. I look forward to studying this project in detail.

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