December Thoughts

Already it is near the end of December and looking back both at the month and the year, I find it a curious how quickly it seems to have gone by, yet how full it has been with changes and events. The transition from being residents of California to inhabitants of upstate New York has certainly brought with it many new experiences. Looking back through my calendar, I see that there were many other trips taken too.

It was certainly a year full of change, yet there were things that remained constants. Lisa and I were able to celebrate our one year anniversary together in Toronto which was fantastic. It was also very nice to be able to spend time with family and friends for the holidays. I’ve also been enjoying my Tai Chi practice a great deal recently, sparked on by a wonderful workshop in Detroit with Ben Lo and seeing Lenzie there.

The one constant of my life that has not had much attention though has been my music.  All of the events of this year and commitments of my day job have left me somewhat lacking of energy to focus on music.  I have also been at somewhat of a standstill creatively. I have been keenly aware of of my lack of progress musically lately and have made plans to focus on this area of my life more once we return to Rochester.

Otherwise, I am looking very forward to the new year and find myself more and more excited to push ahead with New Year’s resolutions and promises to myself.  On the 31st I will be 31, and I looking forward to this new prime year of my life.

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