Merce Cunningham has passed away

Merce Cunningham, Influential Choreographer, Dies (NYTimes)

Life has been extremely busy as we are moving in just a few days to Rochester, NY.  There’s certainly a number of things I have been meaning to write about but they will have to wait.  However, I came across this news today and felt a need to post this.  I’ve long admired and appreciated Merce Cunningham’s work and life in dance and art.  I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to see a number of his works performed in New York during the 50th anniversary of his company, as well as seeing Biped and other works here in Berkeley. The books I’ve read and videos I’ve seen about him and his company are still very thought provoking and enriching today.

I remember I was once in an elevator with him in New York–I think it was during the first of the “When Morty Met John” series–and I had wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed his work and to simply say thanks.  Being that the elevator was full and that something like that would have been awkward, I never did end up talking to him.  I think that was appropriate, but I hope wherever he is now he knows that there are many whom he touched with his work work and life.

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