Two Day Training With Lenzie – Spring ’09

This past weekend I was once again able to attend one of Lenzie’s workshops. The two days were–as always–filled with a lot of information and great experiences.  Lenzie often talks about how we get "little pieces of the puzzle" from all the experiences we have in Tai Chi, from our practice, workshops, camps, and lessons. The pieces of the puzzle at first might not make much sense but that we note it and file it away, and that later the pieces start to link up and we start to get an understanding of all of those gems.  Certainly after this workshop I had a strong experience of this as it seemed that a few pieces of the puzzle in regards to articulation of the waist and sinking started to come together. 

It was also great to see the members of the school there, both those whom we regularly see and those from out of town we get to see on occasions like this.  It was also nice to meet new people as well as seeing other guests (it was particularly nice seeing Veera from Utah).  It’s always great to get together with good people to learn and experience Tai Chi and to enjoy community and friendship.

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