Three Day Training With Lenzie – Fall ’07

The past three days have been excellent: hard physical work, a great deal of learning from Lenzie’s conversations and corrections, and a wonderful sense of comradery between everyone in the push hands class. That sense of working together was something that was really noticeable to me on this final day of training, and it’s a tribute to Lenzie’s teaching that he can create the kind of environment where people are really working cooperatively to push each other and to take each other to limits to help development.

Besides all the wonderful push hands work, the practice time for posturing, standing meditation, and form as a flow were really solid. We had a some great questions and Lenzie gave us a lot of information this training and I found myself writing down a large amount of notes. It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard a lot of these things Lenzie says but haven’t ever really sunk in completely. I’ve been finding myself writing down notes more and more for all the things I am studying or presentations I am attending to help retain the information and I hope the notes I have taken the past couple of days will help with that.

It was also wonderful to meet those guests who were not regular members of the school as well as to get to know some people from within the school whom I did not really meet yet. Of course it was also a wonderful treat to see people I did know but whom aren’t local now.

I hope now to take all of this great work and learning and to continue to study it and to develop it further!

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