Warsaw Autumn 2006 – VI

I was running late to the concert last night, as in the tram I took took longer than I had thought it would, I got out a stop too early and realized it after the tram closed its doors, and then proceeded to run as fast I could to the concert.  I got to the seat in time and sat there exhausted and winded and coughing, so out of breath.  As the piece started and I was still winded, I could hardly focus on the piece as I was doing everything I could simply to control my breath and try not to cough.  It was unfortunate as I think this was an incredibly nice piece:

  • Salvatore Sciarrino – Quaderno di strada

Some notes on the piece:

lots of extended techniques, the effects were not simply effects but really a part of the sound fabric of the piece, on the brink of silence, fragile, beautiful writing, really understands the flavors(sounds) well, reminded me alot of Crumb but different material, complex sounds and noises were given space to actually speak and be heard,  the baritone (Otto Katzameier) and the ensemble (Algoritmo Ensemble, Musica Centrum Orchestra) performed excellently

A really gorgeous piece, I only wish I was in a better state to listen to it when I was there.  I have not heard anything by Sciarrino before, but am definitely interested to listen to more of his work and to learn more about the composer.  Very beautiful sense of time…

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