Deep Breathing and LifeTimer

Just wanted to make a note that I’ve updated my software Deep Breathing and have added a new software called LifeTimer.

DeepBreathing has been redesigned and has added more options for how to play back sounds. I am planning to do some more programming on it to have it save your settings and perhaps even to save your own presets, and perhaps will incorporate new sound options as well.
LifeTimer is a new program for timing various things in life. It includes a Timer (Stopwatch), an alarm where you can create different alarm presets (i.e. Green Tea, Black Tea, Nap) and when the alarm is finished it opens up a dialog and beeps, and a Work/Break Cycle that you set how long to work and how long of a break to take and it will repeatedly do each one until you turn it off, playing a sound at the beginning of each work and break period. It’s good for setting up regular breaks to avoid RSI as well as implementing the (10 + 2) * 5 Procrastination Hack from


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