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Hi All,

Regarding the website, I’ve just done a bit of work to make WordPress split entries with multiple enclosures to generate multiple entries with single enclosures, thus making it compliant with all Podcast software and RSS2 specifications.

I’ve also changed to use Feedburner for both the general RSS feed and Podcast feeds. The URL’s for those are:




  1. I was awaiting this development with baited breath. I actually lost sleep. I thought about doing it for you, but then I realized I have not idea what it is all about. That said, I’ll go chuckle silently to myself, while you, Stevie Yi, silently curse my name and call me baffoon.

    The reunion was interesting – Erika Brown was great, Rayray looked awesome. The beautiful people had turned ugly, and the normal people stayed normal – the world resolves itself and all change comes to pass. Jon Shiedel was there and that was the second most interesting connection of the evening – I don’t want to speculate on the first. I got to hang out with Andy on Saturday and he, Sab & VA are doing just fine, fine as wine. I was able to get in touch with Amy Milne and Jenny Lyon by phone.

    BTW – I am now using your blog to email you. Is that acceptable? If not, there’s not much you can do to stop me – I’ll create a reverse RSS3.14 feed and bake it. But I’d stop if you asked. I think of it this way – it kills two birds with one stone – I see what you’re up to and I get down with that.

  2. Hi John!

    Glad to hear about about the reunion, I was very curious as to how it went. So who was the first most interesting connection?

    I think it’d be better if you actually emailed if it’s not related to the topic of the blog post… 😛



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