Every time I read Chuang-Tzu it is as refreshing as the very first time…

Recently I’ve been reading Chuang-Tzu again and have found within it a great deal. It seems as relevant today in my life as it has ever been. With yesterday’s attempted airplane bombings, many things within the book seem to resonate with the times regarding a world out of balance. Within my own life, I have found that contemplating Chuang-Tzu has helped me get back to focusing on things which are very important to me, especially in regards to my music.

Today it is gray outside and now it is raining with thunder in the distance. It is a quiet and thoughtful day, a day to work away in silenceā€¦


  1. I have never read Chuang-Tzu, is he a taoist? What does he say regarding balance? What would you recommend if I were to read his writings?

    I am flying to Atlanta today for the high school reunion. I have contacted Erika Brown and I’ll of course get to see Andy and Vihn. It will be interesting to see what catching up with people will be like. How do you tell someone you haven’t really thought of in 10 years, but used to be friends with, what you have done with yourself, made of yourself, and experienced in general – The age old question of what defines “me”.

    Grey/Gray, rainy days are pleasant. Have a good one.


  2. Well for Chuang-Tzu there’s only one writing and it’s usually called just “Chuang-Tzu” so I’d recommend that! =) Regarding balance, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea that seeking neither positive nor negative (or avoiding either) but to seek the center, away from any dialectic, leads further down the road towards a settled self attractive. (Not sure I stated that correctly or in the best terms, but you get the point.)

    There’s actually a wonderful set of comics by Ts’ai, Chih-chung with one about Chuang-Tzu. It’s called “Zhuangzi Speaks” and is located here. Highly recommended as it’s a fun presentation of the ideas and actually illustrates many of the ideas in a way very easy to digest. Otherwise, just look for a good translation (I’m not sure I’m as fond of the one I’m reading now compared to the one I remember first reading, but since I can’t remember what either is at the moment don’t have a recommendation).

    As for the reunion, tell everyone I said hello! As for telling friends what you’re up to, just tell it like it is!



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