Completed: 2006.03.23
Duration: ca. 20 minutes

Ensemble: Electronic(blue, Csound)

Part 1 (5:44) – MP3 | OGG

Part 2 (4:49) – MP3 | OGG

Part 3 (4:15) – MP3 | OGG

Part 4 (4:53) – MP3 | OGG

Project Files: Click here (.blue, .csd)

Program Notes: Click here (PDF)

This piece was premiered on April 5, 2006 as a part of the University of Georgia Alumni Electronic Concert II, held in the Dancz Center for New Music. Information on this piece is available in the program notes link above.

My sincerest thanks to Dr. Leonard V. Ball for organizing this concert and for programming this piece as a part of the concert.


  1. Very nice, Steven. Of course, I love your textures, your delicacy and attention to detail.

    It’s wonderful in your music to have time to *hear* what is happening; to be able to relax into it, to really *experience* it.

    I’m looking forward to studying the .csd (with an eye toward seeing what might be done in live performance – though perhaps that is obvious).

  2. Hi Art,

    It’s been really great to hear everyone’s experiences of the piece and I appreciate your kind words very much. Having time to really “taste” the sounds and to experiences the flavors, to hear how they mix and can complement each other is something I try to be aware of when working, and I’m very happy that you found that too in this work.

    I hope the .csd files will be of use; I think that the .blue files would be easier to go through as the .csd’s that get generated are fairly large due to the Orchestral Composition library I use, but if you’re just looking at the instruments, the .csd’s should be good for that.

    I’m looking forward to what live performance ideas you may come up with!


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