Rest After Etude

Last week Thursday I finished up my piece Etude. It will premiere at the University of Georgia Alumni Concert on April 5th so I will publish it on the web after that is completed. It’s been a long a process–almost a year, off and on–in creating this work. It’s also a bit strange too to be finished, to have spent all that time and focus on the piece and to now be without that weight, now wondering what to work on next…

I’ve been a bit low in energy since finishing the piece. I guess I’m catching up on sleep from all the late nights I spent the past year and especially the last six weeks. I’m beginning to get back to working now on music and programming as well as balancing out my time a bit more for things I put to the side while in that last stretch of work to finish working on Etude. The weather should bring some sun tomorrow and I am looking forward to that, and hopefully this sense of exhaustion will melt away and my attention will be focused again on new work.

Next week will be the premiere and I am looking very forward to heading off to Georgia for that and also to see my parents and old friends. I’ve been listening to the piece every day since finishing and find I am still pleased with how it has turned out and take that as a good sign, and am looking forward to sharing the piece after the premiere.

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