Today at 27

Today I am 27… Birthdays never felt like so much an occasion to celebrate but more so a time to reflect on the life lived, to think about who I am and what I am doing, and to set an agenda for the future year to come. As I believe every year for the past number of years, I think that this year will be the best year yet.

The past year has been incredibly rich, filled with many new experiences, a lot of hard work, at times wonderfully exhausting and other times simply tiring. Time passes and we all grow; there were many lessons from the past year–as there always are–and many of them have still yet to really be digested. Besides the lessons learned, I’ve also been thinking back to what seems a different and previous self and find there are aspects of myself which I think are not as present today as I’d like them to be, and that some of those things will be qualities I will be thinking about and working on as the new year comes.

There’s a great deal to work on–in my work and on myself–but at the same time I think that I am glad that I have gotten to where I am with all of my endeavors, and feel that while things are not perfect, they are doing well, and that the future will afford many opportunities to grow and move towards the goals I have set.

Thinking ahead, I am looking forward to getting back to the piece I had been working on as well as a number of musical ideas I am eager to explore and work with. As always, finding the time to work on my music, listening and studying other music, reading and learning, working a day job, and simply experiencing life is such a balancing act, but as I sit here and am taking a step back from my daily life in San Francisco, I’m not thinking so much on the balancing act but the tasks to be taken and how rich they are. Even though I think I’ll be setting a high personal bar for myself, no matter how tough it’ll be (and I think it’ll probably be completely impossible to achieve all that I’d like to…), I at least know that they’re all worth it.
We’ll see how this coming year plays itself out as the days come and go, but I have a good feeling about this one…


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