My Best Self

This weekend I was thinking about when am I at my best self, when am I being the person I’d like to be. I find that this exercise is very healthy and beneficial to do, and perhaps have not done it enough lately as the past months were so filled up that I didn’t take a step back to see the bigger picture as often as I should have. I think that I’m really at the best of myself when:

  • I am doing tai-chi and focusing on everything that goes along with it (mental, spiritual, and physical)
  • I am regularly spending time to write down my thoughts, as it helps to clarify the ideas and thoughts in my mind
  • I spend time daily to contemplate life
  • I am focused
  • I am aware of daily life and how fascinating every day things really are, and how refreshing the simplest things can be
  • I am appreciative of all that I have (Lisa, my job, my life here in San Francisco, my family, my Tai-Chi teacher, the musical world I live in, my dear friends) and all that is around me
  • I am walking slowly and observing the world
  • My mind is quiet, and I am here in the present

These are some of the things that when I do them I feel that I am at the best of myself. As they say, “Practice makes permanent”, so I think it is best for me to practice the above, to stop doing that which is not of my very best, and to continue to push to cultivate and develop myself towards what I idealize: a thoughtful, caring human being, who sees the world with fascination and lives life beautifully.

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