Su Doku

I had seen books on Su Doku at the bookstores for a number of months now, having taken a look at them and finding myself curious to give it a go, but it wasn’t until yesterday while at the new Cody’s in San Francisco (I think I like the one on Telegraph in Berkeley a bit better, but this one is certainly nicely done; a nice addition to Stacey’s and Border’s to the area I think) did I finally pick a book up on the subject: Su Doku for Dummies (Sudoku).

(As an aside, I always found it a little strange to pick up these books, like I didn’t want to think myself a “Dummy”, but I’ve found a number of these books to be interesting and worth the money spent, so I don’t know what this all means… =) )

The book has a very short introduction and some tips on how to solve puzzles, then includes 240 puzzles to get through. I have to say, so far I’ve found the puzzles very fun, but they’re also quite the time sink. But it’s nice to have something like this I think for breaks from working, and so am looking forward to trying out more puzzles and having fun with them. It’s also nice to be able to pick it up and put it down whenever, and also only takes one to play (unlike chess and go, which I really enjoy playing, but have a hard time finding the time and the partners to play). All in all, highly recommended!


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