Welcoming My 30’s

Today I am 30. 

As is my usual yearly ritual on my birthday I reflect on the past year of my life, as well as look forward to the new year. The past year was full with lessons coming from the experiences of daily life, as well as full of many special occasions and wonderful trips taken. It was also a very special year as Lisa and I got engaged, then planned and ultimately had a beautiful wedding.  It was certainly an amazing experience from start to finish, and incredible to have so many friends and family together on a wedding day full of love.  How important and valuable are friends and family!

The year was busy with all the preparations of the wedding, but also with the work required for my programming job. I found it somewhat difficult to focus this past year on personal work, and certainly it is something I will be looking to work on moving forward.

This birthday is also a larger milestone, seeing the end of my 20’s and now entering into my 30’s.  Looking back, the past 10 years have been incredible.  From all the experiences from living in New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Warsaw, from finishing college to building up and growing a career in programming, from creating and growing my software blue and further developing my views on music and sound, from the man lessons and joys of tai chi, from dating and marrying my dear wife… how much has happened these past 10 years…

Looking forward now to my 30’s, I feel absolutely excited about all the possibilities, and I have the sense that life is only now really beginning. From the lessons and experiences from my 20’s I see many things I want to work on as well as do. There are also a wealth of wonderful memories already that inspire me to move forward to continue explore this world and this life, to create the memories for my future self.

Tomorrow is a new year for us all, but for myself, today is a personal new year and decade.  I am grateful and feel truly lucky for the life I have had the fortune of living up to now, and I am blessed to have met so many good people and friends over these years. I look forward now with excitement and inspiration and welcome my 30’s with joy.

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