Kabuki Spa

Yesterday Lisa and I went to Kabuki Spa in San Francisco. We had gone for the first time just a day or two before we left San Francisco to go to Warsaw, and since moving back to California last year we have gone twice now. The trip from Berkeley to the spa is little long but not too bad, and if anything it is completely worth the time spent to get there. What a wonderful place! We’ve only gone to the communal baths where there is a dry sauna, a steam room, a cold plunge, and a hot pool.  I love that the baths are very quiet and peaceful, sometimes with quiet ambient, new age like music that was on at a very low volume, but more often than not just silence.  We drank ample supplies of water flavored with cucumber or lemon or hot tea between sessions in the dry sauna and the steam room, and used the salt as a gentle scrub while in the steam room.

I think it’s quite a luxury to be able to go to a spa like Kabuki Spa, but it is such a enriching experience that I feel that going there is well worth the time and money spent. I really felt quite relaxed and appreciated the opportunity to rest in such a quiet and peaceful environment.  I am looking forward to the next time we can go to Kabuki Spa and hope to make it a more regular event in our lives.  In the future, wherever we may go, I hope that these kinds of peaceful baths will be something we can find and continue to enjoy.

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