sfSound – Small Packages

Yesterday’s sfSound series concert–Small Packages–was one of the most enjoyable concerts I’ve seen done by sfSound.  The 19 3-minute long pieces showed a wide variety of styles and approaches to sound and was well programmed.  While I did not find myself getting into every piece, I did find that the pieces I did find myself enjoying that I enjoyed them very much, and overall didn’t find myself having a really negative reaction to any of the pieces really.  Overall I was very glad to have attended the concert and coming home last night I felt fresh and wanting to work on music. ^_^

It’s been interesting to see sfSound over the past 5 years since living in the Bay Area.  I feel like the past two concerts I’ve seen of theirs since I got back to California were the best I had seen them do and get the feeling that something has clicked for them now.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they’ll do for their future concerts.

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