Music of the Renaissance

I finished reading a short book entitled “Music of the Renaissance” today which I had borrowed from the Berkeley Public Library (I have been trying to make use of the library, inspired by my good friend John. =) ). It was nice to read about that era of music and it has rekindled an old joy of mine for music of that time; how sweet and pure and colorful a music it can be…

I was also quite interested in reading about the culture of music in those times, or perhaps better to say how music was a part of culture. It seemed like both in the secular and the popular musical styles, music had quite an impact as part of the lives of people, that people both really appreciated as well as participated in music making (the idea of a a more social music has been on my mind lately, especially after chatting with Linda from Tai-Chi camp about fiddling and Cajun music culture in Louisiana). It also seemed that although composers were focused in their regional styles, they also kept quite aware and in touch with other composers in different areas working in different ways, with some able to incorporate and master many styles.

My takeaway from all this is not so much in depth knowledge but rather just reopening an old door and beginning to explore once again music of this time. I really enjoyed spending time reading about music like this as it had been some time since life felt settled enough to do so, and am looking forward to listening to Renaissance music once again. It feels great to slowly get in touch again with my musical life and I hope to be able to keep this going by tapping into music daily…


  1. Hi r.,

    I read The Glass Bead Game a long while ago (I still remember sitting in a cafe on 7th Ave near the F Train stop in Brooklyn reading this book…) and remember enjoying the book though not so much the biography section of the book at the end. It’s been so long though and perhaps I’m due up to reread it (if my friend John doesn’t have the book, which he might).

    As for San Francisco, we’re actually living in Berkeley now and it’s been quite nice so far. Thanks!



  2. How dare you besmirch my good name…o’ wait a minute, I bet you’re right, I probably do have the book. Does that mean I owe a fine?

    Stevie -I still say that if you’re looking for a book – you’ll want to read Into the Wild. I liked the Wiki-cliff-notes for the Glass Bead Game; that description could actually dove-tail nicely with Into the Wild. A great thought from the book is that the only way to lose yourself in this world is to throw away the map. Climb down from the ivory tower and there you are.

    I too am excited that we are finally all yapping about the Getaway. It will be a good time and too long in coming.


  3. r.: weather’s nice but different than San Francisco, more so than I would have expected. It’s been one of the bigger things to adjust to, but besides that it’s been quite nice exploring life here!

    John: Yes, a big fine. =) Actually, I don’t know if I have that book here or not as things are still in boxes (though probably finally unpacked this weekend!). “Into the Wild” looks interesting but not in the branch of the library I go to, so will probably just read the Krakauer article and you can fill me in on your thoughts on the book when we all get together! =P

  4. I know that it’s 6 on one, half a dozen the other…but the article, unless I’m mistaken, is the preliminary sketch of his “Into Thin Air” Everest book. Into the Wild was much more a solitary journey of guy trying to get away from it all (i.e. no cell phone charger). Into the Wild is a much more introspective book that, you guessed it, causes introspection, whereas the Everest tale was an overcoming of an obstacle book and how to stick it out past the point of no return (wouldn’t recommend it – not like Into the Wild). Regardless, I could really talk about it all day long.

    Suzanne and I are almost off to Hawaii – I cannot wait to get out there. You might get a post card…that is if I know your address.

  5. The article I read was not for “Into Thin Air’ but was for “Into the Wild”. The article was linked to from Wikipedia article on “Into the Wild” here. I think the article gave a good characterization of the person who was going into the wild. I’ll have to check out the book sometime when I have a chance.

    Well, hope you have a good time in Hawaii! I’m sure you can charge your cell phone there!!! (hahahhaha) I’ll send you my mailing address in email.


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