A Long Time Settling In

It’s been a long time since I felt the sense of daily life… from the last month in Warsaw with all the traveling and visits from friends, to adjusting to the culture of America on returning, to returning to California and looking for a place to live while working as a contractor and also interviewing for jobs and finally getting a new job, life has felt as if it has been floating by.

Two weeks ago at the yearly Tai Chi camp we go to I realized how much has changed in life between last year’s camp and this year’s camp.  It wasn’t really until camp this year did I begin to finally feel as if life was beginning to settle back down.  After traveling to Atlanta this past week for my job, I feel as if now I can finally get around to finishing up setting up the apartment with Lisa and getting on with with the business of living life.

I did pick up a new PDA (Palm TX) a week and a half ago and it has been a wonderful tool to help me sort through my old life on my previous PDA to get an idea of where I am (still working through this process) as well as become an invaluable tool for keeping records of how I’m spending my time now.  I think it will be a very useful means to help return back to music making and other things.

So here we are, back in California, life again proceeding on.  I’ve been excited by all that’s been going on but glad to return to a simpler life now, and am looking ever so forward to how time will pass from here…


  1. I love it! You talk of returning to a simpler life and about your new Palm TX to track your time. It makes sense if you look at it from one perspective and no sense if you look at it from another. Some people are happiest when they are not paying attention and some people are you.

    Later, jsl

  2. Oh, the Palm TX works great for me in terms of simplifying things and PDA’s in general have been a wonderful tool for me. So in that sense, yes, it’s a simpler life! =P They do let me not pay attention to most things but really focus on what I want to get done as I can have all the other things recorded and out of my head to look up later when I do want to spend time with them.


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