Springtime Moon

The weather changed this past weekend as did the time and with it all came a sense of Spring’s arrival.  The day was filled with a welcome light and now late into the night, the half-moon shines brightly through the clear sky. Sitting quietly here, awaiting the early morning to once again go out to travel, I am pondering the arrival of Spring and with it what will come of the life ahead.

While peering at the moon I had the thought that the greatest human joy comes with the satisfaction in one’s existence, and the greatest human despair comes with dissatisfaction with one’s existence. There are many events and experiences in one’s life which elicit this joy or despair, and of these they can be said to be equally effective in their impressions, though with very different results. For music, I find myself pondering not only of its efficacy to impress but also of its quality of impression, and find myself as deeply as ever pondering the quality of the experience of the music I am listening to, whether it is mine or others’.

I am looking forward to when my daily life can quiet down once again, to when the days go by more simply, and to again get in touch with the musical world of the pieces I am so attracted to…


  1. I am a big fan of the paraphrased cliche of wanting what you have – but that also opens up a problem of lack of vision, ambition and growth. There is also the cliche of the grass never being greener on the other side. But that is neither a reason to stay where you are or to go to the other side. Anyway, I’d like to say that in some sense – I like the feeling of my existence as it relates to the whole. Me in a vacuum is less interesting than me with the world.

    Still looking forward to Poland – one week to go!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you next week too! I’ll try to get in contact before then but it’s a little complicated at the moment. You’ll probably be getting an email from me soon! =)

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