Winter in Warsaw, Breakfast at Wedel

Today I woke up and peered outside to see a gentle soft snow coming down. The thermometer read -10 C, a little chillier than it has been. We had decided a couple days ago to wake up and get out of the apartment a little early today to go have breakfast at the Wedel Chocolate Shop in the city center, one of our favorite places to have breakfast here in Warsaw. The landscape white, we walked briskly in the cold air and on the softened ground until arriving to the lovely shop.

With only three breakfast options, we ordered our usuals(the Sniadania Jana for myself, and the Sniadania Karola for Lisa) and listening to the caribbean music in the background, enjoyed another lovely breakfast there: hot chocolates and orange juice, rolls, smoked cheese, tasty jams and chocolate sauce, croissants, and danishes amongst a couple other things. The rooms elegantly done, the service incredibly kind, and the music at a volume to make things comfortable but distant enough to easily hold a conversation.

Afterwards we went to do a little shopping and then proceeded to go home to do some work. It had stopped snowing but had felt colder for it, a small breeze at this temperature chilling our face, feet, and hands. Home now, the thermometer now reads -12 C, the sun beginning to leave for the day.

I had expected weather like this when we got back in the beginning January but it seems to have only gotten started the past two weeks(though, it was about this cold for a couple weeks in November). At night, the skies have had a pinkish color and radiate throughout the night, never feeling quite dark enough to fall asleep to. I haven’t gotten out much the past couple of weeks and I imagine that I won’t be out much as long as the weather remains like this. Cozy and warm inside the apartment, it’s nice to look out and ponder during breaks from working away…

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