In Warsaw

It’s now been two days since we’ve arrived in Warsaw. The first day was a bit of a blur since we flew overnight and slept very little, arrived to happily see all our bags arrived too (last summer we were not so lucky on our way to Krakow, but did have a layover in Chicago that time), made our way to our temporary place at a dorm/hotel, then wandered around the city a bit before meeting the real estate agent and the landlady to see the apartment we are wanting to rent. I was so tired that at times while we were just sitting I was passing out (if you are in Warsaw and saw a tall Korean guy passed out by the Stary MIasto, yes, that was me ^_^).

We ended up sleeping a lot last night which was very necessary, though we did make time to watch the end of regulation and the overtime session of the Germany-Italy World Cup game (very exciting!).

Today we explored the city a little more. When I was here four years ago it was only for a day and it was a whirlwind tour; I remember it being an ugly city and in some ways it is with its strange mix of architecture, but today wandering around I see that it is also very beautiful too, and maybe because of its strange mix of architecture. The city was warm today and felt serenely quiet; I think it will be a very good place to spend time thinking and working on music… I feel that I am only at the very beginning of getting to know this city and its people, but I am looking forward to it very much.

Now the France-Portugal game is starting, I have my copy of Morton Feldman Says that I picked up at St. Marks Bookshop before leaving New York (I had waited a month for Amazon to deliver it but it was always on wait, so I was very glad it was available at St. Marks, and so far am enjoying it very much; a very beautifully laid out book, the photos are fantastic, and of course its Feldman!), and some coffee from an instant coffee machine. Off to enjoy the evening!

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