My Friends from Eveo

Today starts my last week at work at Eveo… I’ve been working here almost 3.5 years and this has been the only job I’ve had since moving to San Francisco, and so looking back at my time here in SF I associate a great deal of it with the experiences of this job. I had thought the other day that as workers we spend a great deal of our time together, and so all the more reason that it is so lucky that I have had the chance to work with a really great group of people that I can consider my dear friends.

Farewell Dinner

Thursday last week, my company put together a farewell dinner for me at a very nice restaurant Bocce in North Beach. The food was delicious and the company fantastic; a very warm night with good conversation and many meaningful words spoken. At the end of dinner, my friends surprised me with a present: a Creative Vision:M portable mp3/photo/video player! My friend Alex organized the purchasing of the present and knew just the one to get. (After all these years it’s my first mp3 player!). I was very touched by the present and it has been just fantastic.

After dinner, most of moved on to a bar, then on to a private karaoke room. We spent the rest of the night singing away our favorite tunes. ^_^ It was as nice a celebration as I’ve ever had, and one which I will remember very fondly.

Endless Lunch in the Park

On Sunday, Corinne, Mike, Alex, Nick and I got together with our signficant others at Golden Gate Park for a Barbecue. Beer, food, and playing a lot of hacky sack made for a nice, long get together of friends. The day was overcast and a bit chilly, but the company was warm and the hours spent seemed all too short, or perhaps just not enough.

While walking from the park at the end of our time there, I wondered to myself why we hadn’t been doing this before? It really was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday. I guess it’s only now that the time of year is amenable to such excursions, but I guess it wasn’t just a matter of getting together at the park but simply just getting together.

I’ll miss my friends here very much and will value spending the time with them that I can until we leave for Warsaw. I know already that this group of people will likely never again all work together, so am grateful for the time that this brief part of our individual histories came together. I am sure too that there will be another “Endless Lunch” ahead when Lisa and I return from Warsaw, and will be looking forward to again seeing my friends.


  1. Hi Robert!

    Lisa’s doing research and I’m going to go and just live for a while, working on tai chi, music, my music software blue, and just spend time thinking about things.

    If you happen to come by Warsaw or are in that general part of the world, let me know and we should meet up!


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