A few years ago, our friend Therese from Tai-Chi Class invited us out to watch the KFOG Kaboom, a fantastic fireworks show put on by the KFOG radio station every year that they organize and sync up to a 20 minute long medley of rock music. I had never really been too much a fan of fireworks as they always seemed somewhat… wasteful(I still have some reservations about it all…). But I have to say that that evening, listening to the music, the fireworks in sync, us out on one of the piers, the fireworks so close and so well done, they truly were a fantastic spectacle.

Last year we had forgotten it was happening, much like this year, and both then and tonight, sitting in our apartment and hearing the thunderous noise, Lisa and I opened our blinds to see the fireworks in the near distance, a great view straight from our apartment window. We turned on the radio and tuned into KFOG, watched the fireworks and listening to the music: a strangely beautiful dance of lights against the night sky.

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