National Geographic

This past weekend here in Krakow I was feeling a little drained from all the personal work I had been putting in as well as heavy reading, so I had stopped by Empik to purchase with Lisa and friends and while there I decied to purchase an issue of National Geographic magazine. I had never really read National Geographic, though I have had many friends who were very much fans of the magazine. While in the store I took a look and saw that this month’s issue had some articles I thought would be very interesting (one on future power sources a.k.a. alternative energy, and one on the history of and current state of nuclear countries and “the bomb”). I found myself completely engrossed, both with the writing and the photography. In the times I’ve perused National Geographic I’ve always found the photos very beautiful, but I have to say, the experience of the magazine as a whole was completely stunning. Something about this time reading the magazine, I was very much deep into the articles and just blown away by each and every photo. Perhaps the topics which National Geographic generally cover have become more important for me lately, or perhaps it is that I have enjoyed photography and taking photos very much here in Krakow. Either way, I very much enjoyed the magazine, and am looking forward to subscribing to this wonderful treasure when I return home next week. =)

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