Healing Chi

Another story my father told me last week was one about his uncle(I’ll call him grand-uncle from here), who in his 50’s, was having problems with his stomach. After going to a Western doctor, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, something at the time some 20 or 30 years ago was almostly certainly fatal. After having heard the news, my grand-uncle went to go see a chi-kung master. When he went into the man’s office, the man was sitting there with his assistants around him. Before my grand-uncle even said anything, the healer, some 10 feet away, told him he had a problem with his stomach. The man then proceeded to concentrate with his hand up towards my grand-uncle, some 10 feet away. He said that he had felt a very warm, even hot sensation grow within his stomach. When had gotten home that day, he told the whole family about his experience, and that his stomach was feeling a lot better. After a few more times going back to him, my grand-uncle didn’t have any more problems with his stomach and never did again.

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