Nasal Irrigation with Salt Water

Warning: If you’re interested in nasal irrigation, please do research the topic before trying. I’m not a doctor, just a person with a story to tell.

Last week my father told me an amazing story. For as long as I’ve known, my father has had issues with his sinuses and allergies, with even some 5 or 6 years ago getting surgery to try to alleviate the issue(that only helped for a short period of time). He told me last week that he actually had a great fear of dying by suffocation from his sinus issues, as he had been suffering from these sinus issues since he was a kid in Korea, some forty to fifty years by my estimate.

Well, while we were at home we were talking about the health benefits of salt water and ways it could be used, discussing bamboo salt in particular, when we go on to the topic of nasal irrigation with salt water. Now, this is a practice I’ve heard of, usually with a neti pot, where one flushes the sinuses with salt water, but the way my father did it was a little different, using both nostrils for getting the water in and allowing the water to drain out either the nose or to the mouth and spitting it out.

He said he had heard of and tried salt water a few times before in his life but only doing it once or twice and thinking it didn’t do much. About a couple of months ago, though, my mother had told him of a patient she saw that had sworn by the salt water irrigation as curing his sinus ailments (he said he had used a gallon of water at a time, which my father thought was probably a bit of an exaggeration). The story was enough to pique his interest in it once again, but this time he had determined that he would really give it a concerted effort, to do it “religiously” as he said. After two weeks of irrigating daily, he told me that his sinuses were clear, that he could breathe freely, and that his allergies were mostly gone, and have been the past two months.

Incredible, dealing with something that affected the quality of his life for such a long time, he was able to be cured with such an amazingly simple solution. I’m so happy and relieved that he’s breathing freely and no longer has that to worry about.



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