Nintendo DS – Band Brothers

I saw this article today about a new game for the Nintendo DS called “Band Brothers”. The video absolutely delighted me, and the idea is incredibly refreshing. (Reading the part about “whistling a tune and sending it over to a friend, using the built in pitch-to-midi converter” is astounding.)

It’s interesting this came along as I had been thinking about the live improvisations we’ve been doing at the Bay Area Csound Users Group meetings, how much I’ve absolutely enjoy the experience of getting together with friends and making music. I’ve felt that it’s a really healthy thing to do, and of course being fortunate enough to be able to play with very accomplished musicians at the meetings has been great.

I wrote some four or five years ago in my journal at the time about an idea of making music as easily as playing a video game and about how people would be able to get together and play music with each other. It’s really amazing to see that something like this has really come to life. =)

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