Winter Music and Finding Connections

I woke up this morning and finished reading John Luther Adams’ Winter Music, which I found to be quite enlightening and just a wonderful way to start the day. He simply is just an amazing artist and human being. So much in his work and way of seeing the world to admire.

In reading the book I came across a number of things I wanted to explore, particularly the books of Barry Lopez (which should be coming in sooon) and the book The Cloud of Unknowing (which I picked up yesterday). I’ve found that most of the things I’ve come across have been through this amazing web of connections, from finding an artist I like and reading about them, finding what they liked and reading about those influences or those texts. It’s been such a journey from one person to the next, to read about their views and to read what influenced that view, and through these encounters to find myself in a new world. I find myself very fortunate to have come across this world of art and ideas that has exposed me to so many different aspects of the world I may have never ventured to explore otherwise.

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