Anne Sofie von Otter

I have for a long time very much loved a recording of hers of Swedish songs, entitled “Wings in the Night“, and while in the store yesterday I came across her albums and purchased “La Bonne Chanson“, an album full of French songs which is absolutely delightful. Her voice is as beautiful on this recording as the other I have, and only makes me want to purchase everything she’s ever done, as her voice is certainly amongst my favorites. (I have quite a love of mezzo-soprano voices…).

(All of the albums I’ve had the fortune of getting yesterday have all been wonderful, and it’s quite a joy to be so interested in listening to music actively. It seems to come in waves lately, the desire to spend time really listening to music and spending time otherwise, perhaps just a matter of the music I’ve come across. It really is such a joy to find new music that one finds so much in…)


  1. I would say enjoy your albums. A few weeks ago I went to Munich to hear her in Orphee and Euridice and the performance was disappointing. She had lost a lot of the power and mellowness in her voice. I think she’s a wonderful person and i would listen to her whenever i could in sweden but the career has peaked for this type of mezzo voice.

    actually she wasn’t as bad as the others..but the rest of the performance was shocking. it is absolutely outrageous that the bavarian state opera can be allowed to rip off patrons with very expensive tickets and then put on such an amateurish performance. disgraceful.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences; I’m disappointed to hear of your experience as I really have a great fondness for her voice and would like to imagine years more of her singing both live and recorded. I’m sure I’ll still end up going to see her perform if an opportunity arises, but at least I’ll have some expectations set on what I might hear.

    Thanks for stopping by and sorry to hear that the Bavarian State Opera charged too much!


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