Pete Escovedo at Yoshi’s

Today our friend Therese from t’ai-chi class invited us to go see Pete Escovedo and his Latin Jazz Orchestra at Yoshi’s in Oakland at Jack London Square. The jazz club–it was our first time there–was absolutely wonderful, one part being an excellent Japanese restaurant with beautiful decor and a warm atmosphere, the other part being a perfect venue for jazz music. Pete Escovedo performed with his Orchestra as well as his two sons and his daughter, Sheila E.. The whole family was fantastic, the music sizzling and absolutely alive with energy, and the night altogether a pleasant experience. I’m looking very forward to spending more evenings at Yoshi’s.

(I often feel grateful for having found t’ai-chi as the community of people with whom I’ve had the great privelege in getting to know has often enriched my life in so many ways. I’ve found many new friends of all stages in life–most of whom I don’t think I’d ever have the chance to meet otherwise–through t’ai chi, and many of their interests have become my own. Tonight I am glad our friend Therese had invited us out to share this experience with her.)

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