Version: 2.0
Published : 2010.01.13
Requires: Java 5 or higher, Java Web Start

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This program includes various ways to time things in life. Included are

  • Timer (Stopwatch) – Measure how long something has been done
  • Alarm – Allows for creating different types of alarms (i.e. “Green Tea”, “Black Tea”, “Nap”, “Unit of Work”) and when the duration of the alarm is finished, an alarm dialog opens up and a a pleasant beeping sound is played until the alarm dialog is closed
  • Work/Break Cycle – This allows you to create a cycle of Work Time and Break Time. This can be useful to schedule regular breaks to help prevent eye strain, RSI(Repetitive Stress Injury, like carpal tunnel syndrome), or also to implement the (10 + 2) * 5 Procrastination Dash idea from or Pomodoro Technique. Sounds are also played at the beginning of each work and break time with the work time made to be slightly unstable (more serious, time to work!) and the break time made to be more stable (time to relax!)

The sound effects in this program were made using my software blue in conjunction with Csound.

If you’ve found this program to be of value to you, please consider making a donation.


2.0 (2010.01.13)

  • Redid User Interface to show one mode at a time and be more compact
  • Can switch mode by using Mode menu (or with shortcuts assigned to menu items), or can click on the mode title (i.e. “Timer”, “Alarm”, “Work/Break Cycle”)
  • Added Always-On-Top mode in Program menu (also with shortcut)
  • User Interface now remembers and will reopen in the last location on screen it had

1.2 (2006.08.30)

  • Redid setup dialogs for Alarms and Work/Break Cycles; now able to set times for these using a spinner or set the values from a preset, as well as better organization of presets (pushing up, pushing down)
  • Last settings for Alarm and Work/Break Cycle now saved on close and reloaded on open

1.1 (2006.08.25)

  • Changed Timer so that Start/Stop button will keep adding to the running total of time, and a new Reset button was added to start again from zero
  • Added “Test Alarm” to menu

1.0 (2006.08.17)

  • Initial Release

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