Deep Breathing

Note: If you like this application, please consider trying out Peaceful Breathing, available for Android.

Version: 2.2
Published : 2008.11.13
Requires: Java 1.4 or higher, Java Web Start

Start Program Using Java Web Start

Main Screen - Settings Panel Open
Main Screen - Settings Panel Open
Main Screen - Settings Panel Closed
Main Screen - Settings Panel Closed
Main Screen - Breathing In
Main Screen - Breathing In
Main Screen - Breathing Out
Main Screen - Breathing Out

This is a small program program I wrote that guides a user for deep breathing. It’s been nice to use while at work or when looking for a moment’s relaxation. The program has values for setting the number of beats for breathing in and breathing out, the beats per minute, and if to use sound or not. In the texts I’ve read, breathing out longer than breathing in is good for detoxifying, breathing in longer than breathing out is good for energizing, and an equal amount of both is calming.

Suggested uses:

  • 2 beats in, 4 beats out, 40 beats per minute
  • 4 beats in, 2 beats out, 40 beats per minute
  • 4 beats in, 4 beats out, 40 beats per minute

Also, I sometimes start at a a faster beats per minute when I’m just getting settled in, and slowly lower the beats per minute as I go along. Enjoy!

Note: If you are not hearing any sound it is most likely that your installation of Java does not have a MIDI Soundbank installed. You can install one from here. If you’re having problems installing the soundbank, please feel free to email me.

If you’ve found this program to be of value to you, please consider making a donation.


2.2 (2008.11.13)

  • Changed Breath Display Panel to use Circles
  • Added ability to set “Always On Top” from File menu (also using Ctrl-A)
  • Added ability to double-click Breath Display Panel to show/hide Settings Panel

2.1 (2007.11.26)

  • Added Breaths Per Minute Label

2.0 (2007.10.14)

  • Added Russian translation (Thanks to Yaroslav Senshin!)

1.9 (2006.08.30)

  • Fixed bug where In Breathing Time was not being set when selecting Saved Presets or last saved value before closing

1.8 (2006.08.17)

  • Reorganized menus
  • Add ability to save, manage, and recall presets
  • Added ability to set total time to run (i.e. “Run this for 15 minutes”)
  • Program loads with values used when last closed

1.7 (2006.08.17)

  • Redesigned Layout
  • Added Donation Link
  • Added New Options for Sound
    • Selecting instrument
    • Selecting pitches for breathe in and breathe out
    • Option to articulate each beat or hold for entire breathe in and breathe out

1.6 (2005.06.27)

  • Added Breaths Per Minute (calculated as BPM / (In Count + Out Count) )

1.5 (2005.4.4)

  • Added Sound Volume (using MIDI values 0-127)

1.4 (2005.3.28)

  • Added elapsed time counter
  • Added mnemonics to menu

1.3 (2005.3.27)

  • Sound changed so breathing out pitch is different than breathing in pitch
  • Tempo default set to 40

1.2 (2005.3.27)

  • Added Sound

1.1 (2005.3.25)

  • Changed in and out time to be in beats instead of seconds
  • Added beats per minute setting
  • Added menu, ability to hide/show configuration panel

1.0 (2005.3.24)

  • Initial Release

6 thoughts on “Deep Breathing”

  1. This is a great program. I run it on a new macbook. But after running it twice, my computer now gives me an error message: Unable to launch the application. Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. Hi Dwight,

      I got your email and I made a modification to bypass corrupted presets. Please try rerunning the program and hopefully all will work out now!


  2. This is a great program. I started to use it regularly gr8 steve. previously i used breathe142 by yeohh but it have certain niggles. steve want to suggest something.
    could u create a software similar to breathe142 with slight modifications outlined in the following article.
    i.e in the 1:4:2:2 and after gud amount of practice we should be able to change the 1:4:2:2
    ratio to something like 1:4:2:0 (for beginners) & 1:8:2:2 (for advanced practioners)
    looking forward to your help in developing such software.

    thanks a million

  3. Thank you so much for making this program. It’s helping me with my breathing and it is very relaxing as well.

    Going to look at peaceful breathing now

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